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When Flowers Start To Bloom, It’s A Sign That SmashingConf Oxford Is Coming Soon!

Crafting a good front-end is no piece of cake. When tough budgets and ambitious goals interweave, you need just the right expertise to make just the right decisions. That’s why we create heavily practical Smashing Conferences, and the upcoming SmashingConf Oxford 201531 isn’t going to be an exception.

Yes, we’re coming back to the UK: SmashingConf Oxford 2015 will be as practical as usual, taking place in March 16–18th. Get your ticket! 2 Yes, we’re coming back to the UK: SmashingConf Oxford 201531 will be as practical as usual, taking place in March 16–18th. Get your ticket.4

About The Conference

We don’t care about volatile trends, but we do care about things that work and don’t work in real projects, and why, and that’s exactly what the event will be focusing on. With practical talks, lots of networking, jam sessions, a personal, intimate atmosphere and spectacular surprises (lasers5, anyone?), this is a conference you probably won’t want to miss. A valuable, affordable community event for designers and developers who love their craft. Seriously.

No fluff, no basics, but real actionable insights that you can apply to your work right away. First speakers are already announced6, including Jake Archibald, Zoe M. Gillenwater, Tom Giannattasio, Natalie Yadrentseva, Richard Rutter, Paul Lewis and Peter Bilak. And we’ve got a few hands-on Front-End + RWD workshops7 as well, you know.

£289 / €349
Get your ticket. 19 8 350 tickets available, and they’re selling fast.

First Confirmed Speakers

We thoroughly curate every single talk and work alongside our speakers to make sure that each presentation fits nicely within the overall theme of the conference. For the Oxford conference, we’re very happy to welcome the first confirmed speakers:

First speakers at SmashingConf Oxford: Natalie Yadrentseva and Jake Archibald 9

  • Jake Archibald
    (Front-End, Google)
  • Zoe M. Gillenwater (+ workshop)
    (Front-end, Flexbox)
  • Tom Giannattasio
    (Front-End, Macaw)
  • Natalie Yadrentseva
    (UX, Data Visualization)
  • Seb Lee-Delisle (+ workshop)
    (Creative JavaScript)
  • Richard Rutter
    (Web typography, Fontdeck)
  • Meagan Fisher
    (Front-End, Visual Design)
  • Paul Lewis
    (Rendering Performance, Google)
  • Lorna Mitchell
    (PHP, Open Source Evangelist)
  • Peter Bilak
  • Rachel Simpson
    (UX, Google)
  • Yoav Weiss (+ workshop)
    (Responsive Images Group)
  • Polle de Maagt
    (Creative UX, KLM)
  • Christopher Murphy (+ workshop)
    (Designer, Educator)
  • Bruce Lawson
    (Opera, Standards)
  • Mystery Speaker
    (Someone you definitely know.)
  • …more speakers will be announced soon!
To keep our tradition of holding conferences at unique places, we did not choose lovely Oxford randomly. The venue for the SmashingConf Oxford is the amazing Oxford Town Hall, just like last year.Smashing Magazine.

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